Introducing The Grub Club

Who are you?
A Brighton based community organisation specialising in food and nutrition.
What do you do?
We build on existing community capacity to improve nutritional health and well being. Our aim is to promote informed choice and increase access to affordable food for long term sustainable change.
What does that mean?
We work with the community to identify and implement action: developing programmes that gradually build skills, confidence and knowledge in growing, buying, cooking and eating healthy and nutritious affordable food.
How do you do that?
At community venues we run practical, fun and interactive sessions, cooking and eating locally sourced seasonal produce. We practise growing food in small spaces and where possible use dedicated community allotments. We encourage people to progress at their own pace, sharing ideas and experiences in a relaxed, supportive environment.
Who do you work with?
We are a social enterprise and therefore independent, but we are keen to work in partnership with local organisations and health and education providers across the community.